School Improvement/Intervention/504  Mrs. Lachada Robie-Purnell

The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District (GLCSD) is committed to ensuring that all children will learn. To attain that goal, the district realizes that we must meet the individual needs of each student. We know that we must make every effort to match instruction to students’ learning styles, so the curriculum is delivered in the most appropriate way for our district to improve student performance.  Our commitment is to ensure that we have a skilled, well-trained staff that is abreast of current methods proven to result in student success. It is GLCSD’s intent to be deliberate and transparent in our intervention efforts, to be consistent in our practices, and thorough in our data collection and review processes. 


Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

MTSS refers to the process of systematically addressing and aligning the supports and resources for academics and behavior. MTSS encompasses a layered continuum of support, collaborative, and shared leadership, evidence-based instruction, interventions, assessment practices, and data-based decision making. With the MTSS acronym Mississippi shifted from merely the Three Tier intervention Model to a multi-tiered system of supports. The MTSS process incorporated the requirements/expectations of IDEA 2004, the Mississippi Literacy Based Promotion Act of 2013, Process Standard #20, MS House Bill 1031, and the Dyslexia Law. 


The Mississippi State Board of Education’s Policy 41.1 requires that districts and schools follow a three-tiered instructional model consisting of:

• Tier 1: high-quality classroom instruction,

• Tier 2: focused supplemental instruction, and

• Tier 3: specifically designed intensive interventions as prescribed.

This systematic approach supports struggling learners, as well as advanced learners, through the selection of evidence-based instruction and intervention in response to both academic and behavioral needs. The system includes on-going progress monitoring of the effectiveness of instruction to ensure that all Mississippi students graduate from high school ready for college and career. Such a model enables early identification of students in need of support and allows for appropriate support to be put in place as soon as a student starts to fall behind.


Section 504

In compliance with its obligations under both Section 504 and the ADA, the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District does not discriminate against otherwise qualified students with disabilities in the provision of its educational programs and activities. We will make reasonable modifications to programs and activities to accommodate qualified students with disabilities, unless such modifications would impose an undue burden on the operations of particular programs or would alter the fundamental nature or purpose of the programs.


The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District will evaluate any student suspected of qualifying as a disabled student under Section 504/ADA and document the results of the evaluation in writing. The school will request and keep on file relevant and current medical information provided by the student’s parents and/or physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or other qualified professional in order to make needed adjustments or modifications for the student. Students who are eligible for formalized modifications will be reevaluated as conditions warrant.


The District’s Section 504 Coordinator is Mrs. Lachada Robie-Purnell. She may be contacted at 662. 392. 8662.