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Welcome to the GLCSD Professional Development Department

The purpose of professional development is school improvement. School improvement occurs where there is ongoing, embedded professional development.

Professional learning consists of a number of activities that are designed to improve the knowledge and skills of employees with school improvements being the main goal and are aligned to the Mississippi Learning Forward standards. (More information about the Learning Forward Standards is available at

It is the intent of the school district that a professional learning program be established which will provide an opportunity for the continuous professional and technical growth of all personnel employed by the school district. Because the professional learning program is viewed as crucial to the district's success, all employees are required to participate in the program. Guidelines for the professional learning program are continuously refined by state law and regulations promulgated by the Mississippi Department of Education.

The school district's professional development program is designed to improve instruction by providing on-going professional development opportunities to educators and staff in the district. In addition to the district, each school also develops a professional development plan each year. All plans are based on needs assessments that solicit feedback from teachers, parents and students, as well as other data collected during the school year.

Please direct any questions to Chiqueta Daniels, Director of Professional Development at 662-453-453-4231 or email at

GLCSD Professional Development

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Please remember ALL CEUs must go through a Mississippi college or university. If you attend a training out of state, Mississippi will only honor CEUs approved by a Mississippi college or university. 

All CEUs are the responsibility of the professional educator and should be entered into ELMS located on the Mississippi Department of Education's website or you can follow the link below. The professional educator must also keep all documentation of the CEUs and submit the documentation directly to MDE upon completion. For more details, please see the MDE licensure page and consortium links listed below. 

North Mississippi Education Consortium – NMEC

Southwest MS Education Consortium

Mississippi Public School Consortium for Educational Access

Educator Licensure Management System

MDE Professional Educator Licensure Webpage

MDE Professional Development Webpage

Links to District and State Testing information