Delta Health Alliance Data Collection and Mathematics Specialist, 

Mrs. Denina Flowers

Delta Health Alliance (DHA) is an innovative partnership that binds together communities of the Mississippi Delta to improve the quality of life. DHA comprises more than 40 programs focused on every stage of growth, DHA offers the tools, guidance and resources to meet the needs and challenges of those who call the Delta and surrounding area their home.  DHA provides the ingredients to ensure that all residents have the best health and educational opportunities in a region historically distressed by a lack of these essential components. Whether a soon-to-be mom, a toddler preparing for kindergarten, a high schooler looking toward college or a senior wanting to stay active, DHA is a neighbor ready to provide a helping hand. 

The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District has partnered with Delta Health Alliance.

Through DHA and the Leflore Promise Grant the students in our  district have access to the following programs/services:

Delta Health Alliance Program Descriptions

Early to Pre-K

K - 8th Grade

6th - High School

Imagination Library (Ages 0-5)

C.A.R.E.S. (K - 5th)

Children are  

Reaching Excellence  Through Support

LifeSkills Training (6th - 8th)

SPARK   (Ages 3-5)

Supporting Parents to  Assure Ready Kids

LINKS  (K - 6th)

Linking Individuals  Neighborhoods and  Kids to Services

College Promise  (11th -12th)

Initiative (CP)

Promise School (Ages K)

CATCH PE (K - 8)

Coordinated Approach  to Child Health

G.R.E.A.T.  (11th - 12th)

Getting Ready to Excel,  Achieve, and Triumph

Initiative Pre-K Quality (Pre-K)

Literacy Fellows (3rd Grade)

Literacy Financial (11th - 12th)

Delta EATS (5th Grade)

Youth Council (9th - 10th)


Watch D.O.G.S. - Dads of Great Students


Summer Camps



Teacher Development (Core subject teachers)

3rd-10th  teachers 

The Writing Project

We ask that all students in GLCSD have a consent  and enrollment form on file so they can have access to the services listed above.  Ask for more information at your child’s school.

DHA Enrollment Form -