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GLCSD Community meeting
Superintendent Waldington hosts second virtual community meeting

Superintendent Waldington hosted the second virtual community meeting for GLCSD

Thu Mar 02 03:11 PM

College and Career Fair
GLCSD College and Career Fair

Students attend College & Career Fair

Thu Nov 10 03:26 PM

GLCSD campuses close for Election Day

GLCSD campuses close for Election Day

Mon Nov 07 03:49 PM

Parent Committee
Superintendent seeks help from parents

Advisory Committee

Thu Nov 03 03:48 PM

Regular Board Meeting
GLCSD Regular Board Meeting scheduled Nov. 1, 2022 at 5:00 pm

GLCSD Regular Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 5:00 pm at the Educational Services Building

Sun Oct 30 10:47 AM

Trunk or Treat at GLCSD
All pre-k students visit GLCSD Educational Services Building

GLCSD Educational Services Building had "Fun Friday" on October 28! Central Office staff decided to dress in costumes to greet the pre-k students as they came through Trick or Treating. Pre-k students from Claudine Brown Elementary School, Leflore County Elementary School, and Threadgill Primary School. Prior to visiting the District office, the students visited businesses downtown Greenwood where they are welcomed by local business owners. Thanks to the businesses for continuing this tradition from year to year!

Sun Oct 30 10:37 AM

Anjuan Brown appointment
GLCSD director of School Safety and Security gains new board appointment

The Mississippi Association of Supervisors has appointed Anjuan Brown to the state Board on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Training. The Board is responsible for developing training and programs for the duration of an officer's career and oversees the certification of officers. Mr. Brown serves in the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District as the director of School Safety & Security. As a state board mem will serve a term of one year before the position comes up for review.

Sun Oct 30 10:34 AM

board glcsd Greenwood Leflore school district
GLCSD Board of Trustees and Superintendent attend conference

Our Board of Trustees and Superintendent Waldington attended a 2-day Policy Conference in Jackson, Mississippi hosted by the Mississippi School Boards Association. Thanks to them for working continuously behind the scenes.

Sun Oct 30 10:33 AM