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Welcome to the Leflore County School District Technology Department!

The proliferation of social media and technology has changed the way educators teach, how students learn, and the way teachers and students communicate. The whole intention of the Leflore County Technology Department is to bring teachers in contact with good instructional learning practices and material using the aid of technology so that they may deliver powerful instruction to our students regardless of the grade level. Our district has put into classrooms and computer labs countless computers, printers, Promethean boards, Promethean active tables, Promethean Panels, IPADS, projectors, and instructional software to assist teachers with instruction.


Technology is ever-changing and in order to keep up with this change we must introduce new teaching concepts that will inspire the students of tomorrow. It is the students of tomorrow that will drive the workforce of the future. We would like to play our part in doing everything that we can to handle this one complicated challenge of integrating technology into the classroom. Over the last five years we have made many improvements to our network, upgrading from 6 MB to 500 MB of Internet bandwidth with a 1 GB backbone infrastructure. (LAN) Our teachers can now download multi-media videos, use teaching tools like Starfall, and Promethean Planet, build lesson plans using EZ Lesson planer from  Information that was once trapped inside of an encyclopedia is now at the fingertips of every teacher to integrate into their lesson plans using Internet web-based instruction.


Despite the challenges, incorporating technology into education still has proven benefits, especially when it comes to personalized learning. From math games that adjust the level of difficulty as players progress to electronic books that talk and respond to the tap of a finger, products that personalize the learning experience for students often benefit their understanding. An interactive game is more engaging than a book, so technology often promotes more practice and review in areas requiring memorization, such as spelling, math and geography. I encourage and challenge every teacher in the Leflore County School District to integrate technology and keep an open mind of new ways to inspire students.


Ulysses Kelly

Technology Director