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Office of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

CGatewood           Beliefs:
    •                           •  Students are the highest priority.
                                • Athletic competition develops life-long values and skills.
                                • Athletics programs promote school and community pride.
                                • Athletics is an important part of the educational experience.
                                • Open and honest communication between all parties is the foundation of a successful                                  athletic program.
                                • Well qualified coaches and administrators are vital components of a successful athletic                                  program.
Clinton Gatewood
Chief Athletic Director
Provide an athletic department that…

          • compliments and supports our academic program.
          • encourages our athletes to compete at the highest level they are capable of.
          • prepares student-athletes with life skills including teamwork, individual and group accountability, goal setting, a sense of                    greater good, emotional, mental, social and physical growth.
         • community views as their best choice for their son's or daughter's self-development and growth.
         • Its first initiative is a performance conditioning program that is integrated into all sports offerings.