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Office of Human Resource Services

Human Resources at Greenwood-Leflore Consolidated School District


The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to recruit and retain the most talented and qualified candidates who will make positive contributions to the education and support of the students of Leflore County.  The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing effective, efficient, and responsive services to applicants, district employees, and the public. 

We’re Here to Serve:

Lisa Daye

Ms. Lisa Daye, Coordinator of Student Data and Personnel Secretary


Kimberly Jones

Ms. Kimberly Jones, Office Records Clerk







We are Greenwood-Leflore Consolidated School District, Are you?


Who we’re seeking.

The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated District is prudent in its efforts to recruit and retain quality educators. As change is inevitable in today's schools, developing our staff into an effective team is essential for our success. We are educators who are passionate about educating the whole student, both, academically and socially in collaboration with families and the community. Additionally, at the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District, we strive to prepare all students for college and careers by providing a high-quality learning experience. We invite you to be a part of our transformation and success.


Come join us.

Our Administration, teachers, and support staff are devoted to a culture of cooperation and teamwork. Driven by our commitment to high expectations our staff ensure a safe, nurturing environment conducive to learning. You will also find that our district is committed to helping educators make realistic professional plans and putting those plans into practice. If you are passionate about transforming a traditional school system and making a difference in the lives of children – we would like the opportunity to interview you.




CLASSIFIED POSITIONS = support positions throughout the school system.

Positions can include clerks, secretaries, custodians, teacher assistants, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, maintenance staff, substitutes, technology staff, etc.




CERTIFIED POSITIONS = require Mississippi certification and other specialized certifications. Certification should be completed when applying for a position.

Positions can include teacher, counselor, principal, etc. Offering equal opportunity in employment and educational programs.



The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District Office of Human Resource Services is committed to the district's Mission of is unifying, educating, and preparing all students for college and career by providing a high-quality learning experience.
The Office of Human Resources which serves approximately 1,000 employees at 16 sites, provides directions on personnel issues related to the management of employees for all district departments.
Committed to excellence, the Office of Human Resources is dedicated to meeting the needs of our employees and to recruiting quality personnel in a caring, ethical, and professional manner to provide students a quality education that will enable them to compete in a global society.
Applicants interested in working in a successful and innovative school district should complete an online application by selecting the link below.
The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, or handicapping condition.

District Retirement Process

  • The employee must call PERS for their pre-retirement eligibility and estimation of benefits when they start to consider retiring.
  • The employee needs to give the Principal a notice of at least 3 to 6 months of their retirement date.
  • The employee will have to submit a letter of resignation to the Principal as such date.
  • The Principal will then submit a retirement form and the letter of resignation to the Personnel office for approval (Personnel and Superintendent's signatures); it will go on the board from there.
  • The retiree will visit the Personnel Office for PERS documents that must be signed to start the claim process. I will give them a copy of the PERS Retiree Handbook.
  • There are at least 3 to 5 documents that need to be signed like the one below. Form 9A SRVC, Pre-Application for Service Retirement Benefits
  • The employee will meet with Patsy Stanley, and she will verify and communicate their unused, uncompensated, and personal and sick days as well as projected unreported gross earnings.
  • From there, the Personnel Director will verify all calculations and send their paperwork to PERS. Afterward, PERS will send the employee documents to review and sign. The employee will follow up with Personnel and Mrs. Joyce Branch per their retirement selections and a continuation or not of their State Health Insurance post-retirement.

    Retirees will be asked to start with the Principal if they come by Personnel first, which makes sure you are aware of their desire to retire and to allow the Principal/District to start planning for their replacement.

    I encourage all employees to follow this retirement process. If there are any questions, please call me directly at 662-644-0679.

Name / Position Contact Numbers
Ms. Lisa Daye
MSIS Primary-Coordinator
(662) 644-0677 Ext. 7077 (Phone)
Mrs. Kimberly Jones
(662) 644-0665 Ext. 7065 (Phone)

Chief of Human Resources
(662) 644-0679 Ext. 7079 (Phone)
P.O. Box 1497
401 Howard Street
Greenwood, MS 38935
Phone: 662-644-0677 | Fax: 662-455-7409