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  • Proper Hand Washing Technique

    Most people don't know how to effectively wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs.

    This video demonstrates how to wash your hands to help prevent the spread of disease.

    Wet your hands with warm water.
    Apply enough soap to make a really good lather.
    Rub your hands palm to palm.
    Rub your palms around your hands.
    Clean between your fingers by interlocking your fingers and pushing your palms up and down.
    Rub the back of your fingers on your palms.
    Rub the tips of your fingers and nails on your palms.
    Grab your thumb with your other hand and rub in a rotational circle backwards and forwards.
    Rub around your wrists.
    Rinse your hands thoroughly.
    Dry your hands thoroughly with a single paper towel.
    Use the towel to turn off the water faucet.

    Uploaded Sep 03, 2020 by nurses nurses. Also listed in Office of Organizational Support