School Improvement

Leading and Lagging Indicators 


Leading Indicator:

Leading indicators, which includes average daily attendance (ADA), chronic absences (10% of enrollment), teacher attendance rate, discipline referrals, number of minutes in a school year and day, student participation rate on state assessment, number and percentage of students completing advanced course work, dropout rate, distribution of teachers by performance level, and assessment data (if applicable) must be reviewed with the leadership team and submitted to the school board monthly.


  •      Student participation rate on State assessments in reading/language arts and in mathematics, by student subgroup;
  •      Number and percentage of students completing advanced coursework (e.g., AP/IB), early-college high schools, or dual enrollment classes;
  •      Dropout rate;
  •      Student attendance rate;
  •      Discipline incidents;
  •      Truants;
  •      Distribution of teachers by performance level on an LEA’s teacher evaluation system; and
  •      Teacher attendance rate.
  •      Number of minutes within the school year and school day;


Lagging/Achievement Indicators:

Lagging indicators consist of achievement data points, percent of students scoring proficient or above, EL proficiency, college enrollment rate, and graduation rate. This is to be completed after final MAAP assessment data has been released.

  •      Percentage of students at or above each proficiency level on State assessments in reading/language arts and mathematics, by grade and by student subgroup;
  •      Average scale scores on State assessments in reading/language arts and mathematics, by grade, for the “all students” group, for each achievement quartile, and for each subgroup;
  •      Percentage of limited English proficient students who attain English language proficiency;
  •      School improvement status and AMOs met and missed;
  •      College enrollment rates; and Graduation rate 

I would like to take this opportunity to say Welcome to the Office of School Improvement.  As School Improvement Specialist of Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District I will work diligently to provide each of you with resources and strategies to improve student achievement.  In our office we will monitor leading and lagging indicators, provide coaching, professional development, review data, conduct classroom observations, monthly leadership team meetings, and offer teacher and administrative support. We are readily available and excited to serve as a support system in your school.