Juvenile Detention Center





Greetings from the Leflore County Juvenile Detention Center Education Program led by Mr. Clell Ward.  This program is housed at the Leflore County Juvenile Detention Center; however, the program is the responsibility of the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District. 


Everyone is prone to make mistakes in life and children are no exception.  When the mistakes made by youth are serious in nature, children are held in the juvenile detention center.  This facility houses juveniles from twenty-two city and county jurisdictions which include more than thirty separate public and private school systems.  Students housed in the juvenile detention center are afforded the same educational opportunities as they would be in the regular school setting. 


The Leflore County Juvenile Detention Center Education Program is staffed by an administrator and two dedicated teachers.  These individuals work to ensure that each student during their stay, whether short or longer, continues their education in a small group and one on one settings.  Students have access to all Exceptional Educational and Mental health services while housed at the JDC due to one site Exceptional Education and Mental health professionals. 



Vision:  We the staff of the Juvenile Detention Education Program will work with all stakeholders to actively engage and support the personal and academic growth of all students.


Mission: The Mission of Juvenile Detention Education Program is to provide a safe and positive environment where all stakeholders support the effective delivery of high-quality instruction, actively engaging all students in learning that leads to the personal and academic growth of all students. 



  1.       Provide a safe and caring learning environment
  2.       Develop the academic skills of all students to enable their academic success
  3.       Develop the social skills of all students to enable their success in interpersonal relationships
  4.       Develop the career goals with all students that will lead to lifelong success
Juvenile Detention Education Administator